Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Encoded Messages

Today is the last day of May - and my first spread for this blog. There are no questions here, I'm just looking for messages. If my descriptions are too esoteric, scroll down for a summary.

I have two rows of three cards each- the top card represents a hidden aspect of the bottom card.

1st row: 5 of cups reversed/hidden aspect= seven of wands

2nd row: The Magician/hidden aspect= Queen of wands

3rd row: King of Pentacles/hidden aspect= nine of cups

My first observation, from a numerological perspective, is that this group of six cards includes exactly three numbered minor arcana cards. I've been up at night reading Papus (check him out here:)
Tarot of The Bohemians
and the 7, 5, and 9 immediately stand out as the yod, he, vau. The Magician, the Major Arcana #1, is so clearly the second he that it gives me goosebumps.

What does that mean? I haven't gotten that far! But regardless of what the rest of the book says, here is the name of God, the Queen of Fire (The He of Yod) and the King of Earth (The Yod of the second He)! It is a message of unity and wholeness, which in these troubled times we need.

On to the cards:
The five of cups reversed represents recovery and healing from loss, but the seven of wands represents the lasting scars of anger and bitterness. The Magician, making a great display of his power, does not act alone, but rather the Queen of wands represents the strenght and light of the female energy that guides his endeavors. Finally, the King of Pentacles seems as though he has everything anyone could ever want - but he's hiding something. Money can't buy happiness.

There are three lessons here, and a message imbedded in them that these lessons are three crucial pillars on the path to the source, the light, God, call it whatever you want.

1) Do not try to deal with your losses by pretending that they were not as bad as they really were. Do NOT try to force other people who are suffering to "snap out of it" or "move on" for their own good. Loss needs to be recognized fully for what it is, and experienced for what it is, or we are only moving ourselves, and perhaps others, backwards on the path.

2) No part of your success, no person, influence, or part of yourself that has created your power, can ever be denied or dimissed. Thoughts or statements such as "Well, my mother didn't help me that much, I could have done it on my own if she wasn't there," will decrease the power you have built up. You will be knocking the stones of the foundation out from under yourself.

3)Everyone "knows" what is important in life, that love means more than money, friends mean more than power and financial success. If we suddenly found ourselves filling out a multiple choice test on Judgement Day, everyone would get those questions "right." Is there something that we are waiting for? Live what you know to be true!

And one sentence is coming to me- "It's all for a reason." There's a purpose to all of it.

(5 minutes later)
....Um, ok, what was THAT all about? When I get into the "zone," I need a little distance to make sense of it all myself. That was a little more heavy handed than I expected, almost like a warning.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Save the Internet!

I just started this blog today but already the "real world" needs our help. As an official "blogger" now, I must spread the word about a Congressional effort to destroy what has become known as "Net Neutrality." Basically, gigantic telecom companies like AT&T and Verizon are lobbying Congress to change the internet so that they can control the information we receive by determining which sites will load easily on our computers (the sites that can pay them obscene amounts of money, to be specific). Click here:

to find out more, sign Moveon's petition (and if you don't think much of them, the Christian Coalition is co-sponsoring!)

and please call your Congressional representative! If you don't know who that is, you can find your representative's name here:


I'll do a reading about this in another post...
(edited 6/2/2006) Which is here: Net Neutrality Reading

Hello and Welcome

This blog is about my experiences with Tarot, and how it illuminates both life and love. I will be posting spreads, musings, correspondences, and new avenues of study, while trying to keep it light enough to share and hopefully spread the depth of my enthusiasm.

I have been a Rider Waite Smith fan for the most part (My first deck was the Aquarian), but recently I have been developing a deeper interest in numerology and have become more and more curious about the Marseille decks, which had never appealed to me before. I still have a long way to go before Crowley's Thoth gets a hold of me, but fortunately there is plenty to do in the meantime.

Another Tarot angle that I have been delving into more and more lately is past life regression. Along with scrying and other psychic meditation, I am standing over a vortex of sorts these days, so I feel compelled to reach out via this blog.