Friday, November 02, 2007

Tarot Plateau

As with all creative endeavors, sometimes Tarot "sight" goes into hibernation. Around the time I became pregnant with my daughter a year ago, I had a dream.

I was somewhere far from home and I needed to leave. I had unfinished business there, I had not fulfilled my obligations yet, and a woman with short dark hair wanted to know how she could be assured that I would come back. I gave her my cards. I told her - "now you know I'll be back because I won't leave my cards without coming back for them."

I woke up and my cards were gone.

Now, I'd like to emphasize here that people do not *lose* their Tarot Cards like you would lose your keys! Never, ever in my life have I asked myself - "now where did I put that deck?" But they are gone, nowhere around. The bag they were in has turned up, but not the cards. I have thought about this many times in a waking state since it happened, but I have not been able to have that dream again and get the cards back.

I was using the RWS deck for a long time, quite happily. Eventually, when the cards didn't come back I accepted this as a sign that I needed to move on. I bought a Marseilles deck and looked forward to a new endeavor. The deck came with a King of Cups, but within the hour it had vanished somewhere between my porch and my neighbor's house. I scoured everything, retraced my steps, and finally concluded that my pregnancy was incompatible with reading Tarot.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago. My daughter is a month old, and I am loading her stroller into the car for the hundredth time in four weeks. My trunk has been emptied, filled, emptied again and filled again in the last several months, and my Marseilles cards were never in the car after the deck was opened, but I open the trunk to put the stroller back in after taking it inside the bank, and there is the King of Cups, sitting on TOP of the items in the trunk.

Don't you just love it? My cards have winked out of this dimension, and one, at least, has come back to me.

So it's time to start back up - clearly! Although I see that I've got to move beyond the RWS before I'll get my missing deck back.

Tonight is Nov. 2, All Souls Day if you are Christian, and the day after the traditional "Witch's New Year," or Samhain, if you are not.

New year, New start, and the Tarot Plateau has run its course.

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